RBH Speakers ???

Why no love for RBH speakers here? Some say they are some of the best.. money can buy!
True. I'm also curious about Reaction Audio. Looks like a poor man's Tannoy, and they just began to offer Beryllium diaphragms as an option. And the prices are really reasonable.
I think one problem with both of these brands is that they really attract the home theater crowd, and even though they are both pretty efficient, they (the users) are always talking about using inexpensive, high power amps with them.
It's bad enough that you can't go anywhere to hear them, but the other problem is not having any feedback from owners that are using low power tube amplification. I'm guessing that is the reason for the lack of interest, or at least trepidation.
I would love to hear the Reaction Audio speakers in my system.
These speakers must be a well kept secret on these forums...
A couple of years ago when I was looking to purchase Revel or Aerial speakers, the dealer recommended RBH. I didn't have anyway of hearing them and I don't like the way the look. I decided to go with Revels, because couldn't find enough information on RBH to take a chance on them.
Where is the Bose lovefest?

Shakeydeal, the Bose 901's make good Home Theater speakers but they are not that good with two channel music...
"07-08-15: Shakeydeal
Where is the Bose lovefest?


That is an excellent question, and I have heard of Bose.
"Shakeydeal, the Bose 901's make good Home Theater speakers but they are not that good with two channel music..."

Seriously? You gonna stick with that story? Really? Let's review the data......

"Sansui sp-5500's before and now some New and Improved BOSE 901 series 6 mk2's. These 901's have many of the qualities of my friend's Quad ESL-57's BUT the 901's play much louder !"

"I know how a lot of you all feel about BOSE on this forum BUT I think the new and improved BOSE 901 series 6 mk2's gets you really close to the "real thing"...LIVE MUSIC!."

"The new improved bose 901 series 6 version 2's are the best that I have ever heard and I've heard a lot speakers over the years..."

Now I know most of the old timers know you for who you are, so this is for members who might not be aware. But for you to blatntly lie, well you had to be called out.....

Thanks Shakey. As soon as I read what Hifisoundguy had written, I did a double-take, and thought "Isn't that the guy who praised the 901's for so long?"
Maybe he will explain his change of heart for us.
I've heard 901 systems that sounded pretty good, one with front side facing wall in particular .
My Nissan Maxima with a lot of 901 drivers in the Bose System sounded better than good.
Well the Bose system in my CTS Coupe sounds pretty good. But 901s? Not so much.....

RBH is a major supplier of components in the home theatre world.  I think they are only now giving any effort to direct sell or use Amazon and some others to sell some of their products.  My builder friend in Atlanta has used the RBH line for some very expensive home theatres.  He says they are one of the best for providing accurate and loud sound.  I've spent some amount of time in his own home theatre and I must agree they are quite amazing.  I was gobsmacked when he turned up the volume.
I own a pair of 1266-SE floorstanders and absolutely love them. I did upgrade my drivers so that I have a pair of 1266-SE/R. The scanspeak tweeters are amazing. Very detailed and smooth and able to get loud! The drivers are burly and can take a beating while still sounding clean and accurate. The cabinet work is impeccable. Well worth the money for me.
I own the 641se, like @toddverrone said they are clean and accurate. The tweeter and mid are seamless, the speakers disappear easily.

I would love to hear RBH's larger offerings especially the reference series, RBH speakers are seriously under the radar