"New" Audio Physic Virgo

Anyone heard or have knowledge of the new improved AP Virgo speaker. If so, how does it sound, especially compared to the original model which was lean in the midbass??? Please advise and happy holidays to all!!!
I heard them at Goldman Audio in Ct and they are amazing. The new cabinets are stunning with a butcher block front like the Avanti, there is a good show picture at www.audiophysic.com
The new Virgo sounds to me very much like the Avanti III and like the old virgos they completely dissapear. The improvements are across the board. The faults of the old speaker, some smearing of detail, overripe in the midbass, and lack of bass slam and depth have all been addressed with great success.
There is a great musical portrayal of detail and an effortless extension in the high range. The midband is transparent and the bass is very natural and extended ( the best acoustic bass I have ever heard). It is a very coherent speaker.
I have owned the old Virgos for a while and the upgrade to the new ones for me is a no-brainer, you can almsot think of them as Avanti for $7000 less as they share similar drivers. I actually like the tonal balnce better than the Avanti. If you really need the last 10hz of bass then ad a very good sub (REL etc..) and you are done.
Goldman Audio has them beautifully set up and is the best audio dealer I have ever been to.
I heard them in the same location, and I agree completely. One hell of a speaker for the money!! Even better than the Avanti 3's IMHO. John is one cool cat to boot. Give him a ring.
I listened to a pair this morning and was blown away ! Bass was very tight and controlled. Although the speakers had only been run for about 40 hours or so , they were so smooth it was wild. I listened to them being driven by a 100 watt tube amp, because I own a BAT VK75SE, and the thud I heard was my jaw hitting the floor! Quility and craftsmenship on the cabinets is terrific. I pulled out my credit card and ordered a pair on the spot. My only complaint is that I am going to have to wait about a month before I get them. Could not convince the dealer to sell me his.
I just listened to a pair today for the first time at my local dealer. I had been waiting a long time to audition them after hearing a lot of good things about them. I honestly don't remember the last time I've really heard music without hearing the speakers. The reviewers weren't kidding when they said these speakers do an amazing job of "disappearing." I can't say I heard any real mid-bass or bass control problems. The only flaw that I could even say they had was they were missing the last half-octave of bass. I guess that is what you get when you buy the Avanti III's. You could easily clear this up with a high quality subwoofer.

I listened to them with some Classe gear (some highend mono blocks and a preamp, not sure what models) with the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista CD Player. I was ready to buy both the CD Player and the speakers on the spot. (The CD Player was also incredible, and I will leave it at that.)

I ended up bringing my wife along for the audition(against better judgement especially when it comes to audio stuff), and the weird part was she was sold on the speakers (I think the exact comment was "it feels like we're in the first or second row of a live performance.")

However, the funny part is we couldn't agree on the color! Wow, was I shocked! My wife always lectures me on spending more money on the system, and it's usually a battle just to buy something new. And to think, she was only fighting me on the color! I couldn't believe she wanted me to get them.

I strongly suggest you listen to them. I'm getting a pair!
The wood finishes are much nicer than the black and well worth the extra $500.
Many thanks to all for your comments; you have restored my confidence in this company and this particular model, the Virgo.I will give them a listen as soon as possible. From your comments, it seems, AP has produced another run away best seller. Happy listening and Happy New Year!!! Jimbo