I need a physically flat or small subwoofer....

I am not a big home-theater guy, so I don't intend to put alot of effort into this; however, I have a two-way setup for watching movies and I thought I would add a subwoofer for just a little bit of oomph. My problem is that I don't have alot of room and I need a self powered subwoofer with a low profile. I saw one, once, made by Magellan, but that subwoofer is way more than I want to spend. I have also seen some made by Advent, but they are for PC setups. Anyone know of anything else that might work for me. I don't need alot of power as it will probably be in a corner in one of my small rooms. TIA
You might check out Aperion Audio. http://www.aperionaudio.com
They make a nice small sub, but I don't know if it's as small as your looking for or if it fits the budget you had in mind.
M&K MX-700.
Yamaha makes great subs that are inexpensive and very narrow. They can be layed on their side.
Sunfire makes a nine inch cube powered subwoofer, the True Sub Super Junior. I have an earlier version, the True Sub Junior, and it seems to put out mid bass pretty well, although it is challenged in the low bass. It works fine for almost all music material. The MSRP is about $1000 but it can be bought for about $800 (new). Good luck.
I agree with Jameswei. If you want power but dont want to sacrifice the real estate, the True Subwoofer Jr from Sunfire is the way to go. 9"x9"
But the Sunfire may be too expensive. The Yamaha can be had for around 300.00 and is very good.