Audio Physic & Jeff Rowland

Want a new pair of speakers for my Rowland Model 3's. looking at the Audio Physic Spark & Tempo. Anyone got other suggestions in this price range?
I can definitely recommend the Spark III. I own a pair and absolutely love them. Some advice would be not to pair them with "foward" or "bright" equipment. They are capable of some great bass if you pair it with warm equipment.
I am running the Audio Physic Virgo III with a Rowland Amp. It is a great sound. Your amp will probably mate very nicely with any of the Audio Physic speakers.
i heard this combination at a Stereophile show a few years back in L.A. the AP speakers were the Virgos and I'm not sure what Rowland amp was playing (it may have been an integrated). all i know is that the combination was magical and the sound convinced me to buy the Virgos.