"break-in" period? . . . how to

Maybe an easy question for you but need to ask: if I have a new product and want to pass the "break-in" period fast, I have to rum the unit (amp, preamp, or any other) 24/7 until the expected time passes but...if is a new preamp is it neccesary to connect it to an amp?, and if its an amp, must be connect it to the speakers? volume almost oof or higher?, what I dont know if the information must flow to the next step in the chain or just to be proceessed in the same unit? Silly question but not clear in my mind.
Thanks in advance.
if you need to break in preamp, amp cables, speakers, etc...simplest way is as you stated, put ina cd on repeat and let it play. no need for high volume...can set volume on 50 for example, if volume goes to 100. there are burn in products to speed things up, but these are for cables...my eperience is most gear sounds about 80% after 120 hrs or so, then usualy 100% by 300 hrs.
It's always been my understanding that the new unit should be connected to the next component in the chain, but the next component in the chain need not be powered up.
The CD, 'Irrational But Efficacious' by Ayre Acoustics contains a number of useful tracks, one being uncorrelated, mono, brown noise. This simulates the typical spectrum of music and can be set to repeat for burn-in purposes. I use it, the pink and white noise tracks as well(very effective). As long as the next component downstream of what you want to burn-in is connected; it needn't be turned on. Got mine here:(http://www.elusivedisc.com/prodinfo.asp?number=AYREDISC)
if the sounds crummy, its not going to sound much better after a break in. the difference in sound will be sutl.
hi jaybo, i have found components which sound worse after break-in. i preferred the musical fidelity a5 before it had 200 hours on it. there have been cables which i preferred with no break-in. there is no way to predict the degree of change in the sound of a component as a function of the number of hours in use.
I apreciate all your responses. Thanks.
The worst before item, I can remember was a pair of brand new silver speaker wires.It took 7 long 24/7 days before they sounded good.(Unlike Jaybo's experience)--There was just about zero bass for the first 3/4 days. Well I guess between the product and or the listner; it depends,huh??
You can burn-in a preamp all by itself. Does not have to be connected to anything, although doing so might help a little. Sometimes delivering a little bit of output power (even if into a 47k resistor) works the output stage better than a no-load.

More info on voltage- and current-mode burn-in found in the FryBaby manual.

hey avg guy, what kind of Silver speaker cables were they? imm running in a pair right now that were made for me from a small company overseas..javaudio.
These silvers are the Celtic Silver.---The thing I got the biggest kick out of was the maker states in his add;-- something like,needs no breakin. I emailed him my conclusions;but his mind was made up. While they had a 14 day trial---it was torture having to listen while I broke them in.---'Cause I know what my old cables(oval 9's) would sound like If, I switched back.