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Solid state or Tubes preamp phono stage.
First, I would like to thank everyone for the positive comments regarding my Trumpet MC.  It's a design I am very proud of, being able to reduce the cost of a world-class differential tube phono circuit design down to a price regular folk can affo... 
Tube PHONO preamp interference - RFI, EMI, bad grounding?
Definitely WiFi or cell phone antenna too close to inputs. I've added a small RF filter to the front of my stages to combat this.    
Phono stage options - balanced with XLR both input and output...
I agree with lewm that cartridges are not inherently balanced (only 2 terminals), but a phonostage input can nevertheless create a balanced situation by providing the common mode reference (ground).  This can be done using a center-tapped primary ... 
Phono Stage to complement an Ayon Triton Integrated tube amplified
If you want to stick with tubes you can't do better than a Trumpet MC.  Really.  
Cartridge Loading.....Part II
reset the loading to 47K, buttoned things up and called the wife in for a listening session.  Sure as heck both of us noticed the highs were crisper   This is a common trick for many listeners over 60.  Brings back the "airiness" of youth.  Do w... 
Question about Cartridge Loading
Cartridge Loading  
Solid State Phono Stages
Here's another option. Very flexible, but unfortunately far lower than your $8k budget: Archiver Phono  
Looking for a tube phono pre
You could buy two TRUMPET MC, give one to a friend?  
Phono Preamp suggestions between either Gold Note PH-10 or Whest TWO.2
http://https//www.haglabs.com/collections/phono-preamps/products/trumpet-mc-vacuum-tube-phonostage That will accommodate all of your carts...  
Pure tube phono preamp
https://www.haglabs.com/collections/phono-preamps/products/trumpet-mc-vacuum-tube-phonostageFor $1100 this one is hard to touch.  However, it does use JFETs for a front-end instead of SUT.   
Back to vinyl need phono stage help!
ZP3 will work great for you.  It's a virtually EXACT copy of my original CORNET design (long story there), but with an 0A3 added.  For half the price you can get a CORNET3 new, but it doesn't have the fancy chassis.    
Phonostage recommendations under $3K
Here's a new one for the list:https://www.haglabs.com/collections/phono-preamps/products/trumpet-mc-vacuum-tube-phonostage$999 until end of year.  
Time for a (reasonably priced) phono preamp...
Cornet3 is right up your alley.  Check it out! 
Phono stage hum - Rega Aria
Phono stage hum - Rega Aria
Something isn't getting a ground.  Use your fingers again.  If touching RCA shields lowers the hum, then you're on the right track.  Is there a power transformer near the tonearm?  What happens if you change MC loading to 47k, does it change to ju...