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Best Analog for $10K
Piccolo2 and Cornet3, best $1000 you will ever spend.  Add an upscale Rega and MC cart to round it out.  With money saved get some NOS tubes.    
SUT's -Looking for one with some meat on the bones
You could try an active head-amp like the PICCOLO2, which would make things a bit more punchy.  It's very neutral tonally though, so you don't get the organics that come from a good SUT.  On the other hand, it makes dialing in loading super easy.  
Parasound JC 3+ Phono Preamp Hum
Hum is definitely a system-wide issue and can be caused by a number of things, as well discussed already in this thread. Try to remove everything you can, start all over, adding in one piece at a time.http://www.hagtech.com/pdf/eliminatingnoise.pdf  
Phono Preamp - 2k budget?
Try and go with tubes if you can, they are glorious at reproducing low level signals.  Chinook or EAR834 great choices.   
Preamp Upgrade: Puffin vs Lounge Audio LCR Mkiii
The old Puffin looks like it was a nice design.  I can't for the life of me figure out why they went digital.  Anyway, the Cornet3 may be the closest available alternative.   
Phono Cart Impedance Question
Also, loading resistor is not important, as it gets shunted by cart during normal operation.  A 47k load is just as quiet as a 100 ohm load once a 10 ohm cart is attached...  
Phono Cart Impedance Question
The hiss from your cart is small compared to phonostage.  One easy way to tell is to listen to hiss with and without cart - I guarantee one will be much greater...  
Hagerman Cornet?
The Cornet is the original version. The Cornet2 is sort of like a "Mark II" revision of the same circuit. The differences are mainly in the size of the circuit board. The "2" is available as a DIY kit project. The original is not.However, I re-mad... 
Oye' Rauliruegas
BobBurda,You have to unsolder the existing 47k and replace it with another. Any technician or repair shop can do it. jh 
Rega P7 + Dynavector DV20X HO
Maybe you can add weight to the one you already have? I'm pondering doing the same. With a 20XL on my RB300 the counterweight is all the way back. I'm wondering if a heavier one closer to the pivot would be better.If I ever find time, I might dril... 
One of them on Nuuanu near Beretannia, I think. Is that the Hawaii Audio? Can't believe I haven't gotten there yet.jh 
Best head amp of the market ?
I prefer, of course, the Piccolo. Graham Slee also makes one.jh 
Anyone use a hockey puck as a record weight?
The table bearing quality and size and design will determine how much extra clamp weight it can handle. Also, sprung-loaded tables like an LP12 or old Duals will need to be adjusted for the new weight.As for a hockey puck, they drill quite nicely.... 
Anyone use a hockey puck as a record weight?
I did it. Made me an experimental UFO-based record clamp by gluing a hockey puck to the bottom board. It's not a good thing sonically. Deadens the sound too much. Really take some of the life out of the LP. You can see it here:http://www.enjoythem... 
Gain and Loading
Tfk, I think you're fine as-is. Just plug that cart into your phonostage. Likely you won't have to change a thing.jh