Question from a Poor Pass owner

I am thrilled (finally) with my Aleph-3.It sounds like a different amp after its been on for a couple days.I want to leave it on 24/7 but since Im a working stiff and could hardly afford this amp to begin with,Im concerned about my electric bills going through the roof.The amp sucks 250 watts at all times.Could anyone make an educated guess what it would cost to keep it on all the time?
I left my Aleph 2s on for 2 months, when I was breaking in some power cords. Those use 600 watts at all times, and I really didn't notice much of a change, maybe 10 bucks. I bet you could check with the electric company and they could tell you exactly how much that would cost.
At $.0871 per kilowatt hour(in our area, yours might be different)you multiply .25 kilowatt(250 watts)x.0871=$.021775 per hour. 168 hours in a week x $.021775= $3.66 per week. Hope this helps.
Thanks!! I can handle that! I may have to steal from the kids piggy bank,but the amp stays on!!!
I don't know if a heavy duty three prong current is available, buy you might be able to put one of those on your line. Have it come on an hour before you get home ! I'm think of doing that with my Alephs. Pass states that they are relatively uncaring of power quality. I have found that they really sing once they've been on for 2 hours plus. You can also use their flat metal tops an extra-capacity pancake griddle for those crowded family breakfasts.
I told you this already, David. Are you somebody that turns off every light in a room the second you leave, even if you are coming back to that room in a few minutes? My PS 300 uses 500 watts or more all the time, but I'm more concerned about the power the air conditioning, heating, refrigerator/freezers, leafblowers, stoves, ovens, microwaves, computers, and tv's use.....than I am about that PS Audio.
(three prong timer) that is. I type too fast!
A note for those proud Pass owners using their Aleph amplifiers to cook pancakes: if you don't use a Teflon spatula, you will void the warranty. Thank you for your ongoing support!
No Carl.I dont turn my lights ON, Im SO CHEAP!! I thought this was a legit question.I wanted to know if my electric bill would go through the roof is all.Can you send me $20 a month to help out a poor Pass owner?? Come on Carl!! You owe me!!!!
Thanks Peter, and thank for the great accessory recommendation. I am now the proud owner of a Pass Labs Aleph S single ended Reference Spatula, for the discerning hotcake flipper ($499 - a demo). Seriously though, the pancakes do add a little extra dampening + leave a pleasing residual hue. Uncle Buck's flapjack mix works fine, but you HAVE to use special Cardas Golden Chicken Eggs.
Actually, I believe a light bulb uses the same amount of electricity in the initial turn on as it does just to run for 30 minutes. So you actually waste more electricity turning the lights on and off everytime you leave the room, (depending upon how often you go in and out of course). Not to mention the initial surge of electricity places stress on the tungsten filament shortening its life meaning you'll go through more bulbs too. (I'm not as sure on flourescents). So leaving the lights on can be a good thing.
Peter @ PassLabs...didn't you tell me that Nelson said his Alephs stabilize acoustically after only five minutes? (And to NOT bother with power cord upgrade?) Hmmm... Owners report anywhere from 20 minutes up to...phew--TWO DAYS (?), with most saying an hour. My pair of 2s eat up 600w at idle, so that's about $525/yr 24/7, so I'd like to know when thermal equilibrium occurs with the Alephs, and whether that's well-correlated with onset of "best" sound. Thanks, Peter. Ernie in Boston
I have had at least 5 ( that i can remember ) different amps that Nelson designed and thought that, like most other SS amps, they sounded best after being on for at least 24 hours. While none of these were from the current Aleph line, i can't see them being TOTALLY different from every other SS amp that i've ever owned. Out of the 5 that he designed, i would say that 4 of them were excellent. One of them was for another company other than his own production and it was NOTHING like his other amps. To be quite frank, it sucked pretty badly. It makes me wonder how closely they actually reproduced what was in his original design and what they "took liberties" with in terms of "minor production changes". Sean >
Interesting, Sean. I had asked Pass Labs how the ADCOM preamp Nelson designed compared to his Aleph P, and was assured that since Pass had no control over the engineering and manufacture of the pre they doubt it'd sound comparable. I bought a used P and LOVE the way it mates with the 2s. I of course leave the P on 24/7, but you really think I should be an energy hog with the monos, huh? Well at least winter's coming! Anybody else comment on Aleph warm-up phenomena? .........John 1: don't forget to use Vermont Grade A--I tried the more-flavorful B but found it gave too much of a "burnt caramel" coloration to the upper mouth-range (sic)!
In my opinion my Aleph-3 sounds the best after being on close to 48 hours.The soundstage grows around this point.There is more air around instuments also.The tonality becomes sweeter too.
If you're worried about the electric bill, just think about what you're saving on the heating bill!