Quad owners

Can you tell me what the minimum distance from rear wall I can place ELS 63,I have two feet would that work?
Optimally 4 to 5 ft to get the delayed response from the back wave sufficiently separate from the direct signal. If you deaden the wall behind the speaker you might get them a bit closer but I think you then kill the added ambient/ reflective sound and if you are going to do that you're better off getting some good box speakers.
hi, how far are you sitting from the speakers?
About 6 feet.
I had poor luck deadening behind the Quads. I put home made diffusors behind them, which helped a lot. They are "skyline" designs (2D diffusors). That said, I still preferred them 5 feet out, and had the space to do it.
Thanks,I guess I just don't have the room size for them I will stay with my monitors.