Quad 11L vs. Reynaud Twins

Any opinions on this? Assume that a sub would be used in either case. Thanks.
I think the Quad 12L may be the closer sonic match to the Twins with the 6-1/2" midbass. $1000 retail vs $850. The 11L is $700 so the Twins fall right between the 12L and 11L.

I have had the Twin MKII in my home for a demo last summer, they were nice musical monitors. I now own the Quad 12L and prefer its overall sonic nature to the Twins. I haven't heard the MKIII twins but the Quad 12L is the best monitor I have heard on my electronics in my home in all my 20+ years in audio (as if that means anything to you). The Quad 11L is suppose to have a bit smaller soundstage than the 12L but similar superb sonics. The tweeter in the Quads is fantastic, one of the best I have heard. The transition from mids to highs is very smooth without being softened as I found on the Twins. Imaging, bass, mids, highs, all of the above comes in musical spades on the Quads.

Can you tell I love em'?
Thanks so much for your answer. Do you think that I'm correct in assuming that the Quad is closer in character to the Spica TC-50 than the Twins?
here in Belgium, the Quad 11L is 500 Euros, 12L is 700 Euros
and the Twin MKIII is 732 Euros..So Quad is quiet cheapper here ! Makes the Quads a super bargain ! I plan to buy the 12L in a near future..
I believe the Quads are really neutral and would require a "not too aggresive" amp.. ? What electronics are you using ?

As a former spica owner...and now a Quad 12L owner...I would be hard pressed to find two different speakers...the SPicas imaging and soundstage are impressive...but it really comes down to speed, dynamics, detail, and transparency...across the board...the Quads are superior...
How would you compare the 12L vs Nautilus 805 ? Similar sounding ?