Reynaud Magic Stand, spikes on carpet?

I just bought JM Reynaud Trente speakers with the JM Reynaud Magic Stands and this is a wonderful setup, very refined, detailed, and dynamic yet full of life and emotion.

My question is: has anyone tried spikes under the Magic Stands and do you prefer it?

Mine are sitting on carpet and a little wobbly, but there does not appear to be an easy way to put spikes on these stands. There are holes on the bottom but they are not threaded.

Some people think the Magic Stands are designed to sit flat and not on spikes as they operate in a different way than most speaker stands.

thanks for any info

Blue Tak between the speakers and the stands, more Blue Tak between the stands and the floor. That should do it.
Bobneill, I'm not sure you want to put blue tak between the stands and the carpet. I don't see that doing anything besides ruining the capret. Phil, if I were you, I'd probably look into cones. If it was explained to me correctly, those stands don't have holes that go all the way through the base plate? Thus eliminating a way to put spikes through the base. Brian has some brass cones that you may want to look into. You could always hot glue them to the base of the stands. Just an idea.
Thanks Bob, my speakers have something on the bottom that is tacky and about 3/8" diameter and 1/8" thick, I will ask the seller what it is as I presume the Trentes are not sold with it on. It seems to be almost the consistancy of blue tac so it may be alright.

That is a good idea Seth and will look into all my options and report back.

As far as sound quality, I think the tonal balance of the speakers is very nice with the stands on the carpet but I think the bass is 'soft' in a manner similar to a friends speakers who had the front of his sound anchor stands on a throw rug, the definition is 'muffled' and the coherency of the sound suffers. In comparison, with the speakers sitting on cement blocks that I used before the magic stands, the bass was tight and powerful with slam.

thanks again guys and I will see what works and report back


I used sturdy 28" Target stands with Twins (big improvement over the Magic stands/Twin combo auditoned in a SOTA listening room).

If the blocks sound better in your room then follow what you hear.

None of the pro reviews (that I am aware of) tried the Reynauds on sturdy 28" stands (24" stands just don't cut it from my experience, with the Twins anyway), which is both lame and a shame as much better sound can be had.

Think my Target's were $250, or so, on the used market, but there are many others to choose from.
I Have Trente's on 22" sand filled, four-post non-welded Target Clones. They are quite inert. I am curious about using the Magic stands, but right now my ear is about even with the top of the woofer bracket, I just can't see the speakers needing to go up 6" (plus it must look really, really top-heavy), but I've never heard them, so I can't really say for sure...
My brother is going to make me some custom made spikes out of metal for my magic stands

I will let you guys know

thanks to all
I got spikes from Reynaud ($15 plus shipping) and they press fit into the bottom of the Magic Stands very nice and firm in a professional manner, the spikes however are not very pointy and do not pierce my carpet all the way to the floor but do offer an improvement over no spikes.

The first thing I noticed (over the 27" pile of concrete blocks) is the freedom of the sound and imaging is more pinpoint etc. The bass has improved to the point where I do not think about it much any more (as it is still a little soft and lacking impact) and just appreciate the less colored sound. I will be looking for a new set of spikes that go all the way to the floor and report back but at this point I think the positive outweighs the negatives and will keep the Magic Stands.

These really are some darn nice speakers, I have never heard such a perfect blend of clarity, snap and tone in a snare drum. I wonder if the tweeter is crossed over at such a high point (3800 hz) that you never notice even a hint of it being metal, it really blends with the woofer nicely. The bass blends well too and the quality and nuance of it puts my Maggies to shame!
I put the new spikes on and there is an improvement again with the bottom bass tightening further. I now have the best of both worlds and like the Magic Stands very much. I think the balance of the sound is much better with the tighter bass it is less prominent and more in line with the mids and highs, there is more of what HP refers to as continuisness, the dynamic impact (and image size) top to bottom all match. I may someday try adding weight to the stands to see if the sound improves further but I really do not know if I care as it sounds so good now, how often do you hear that in our hobby?

I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Reynauds and am looking forward to getting their speaker wire in a few days, BTW I know of someone who sold me some new Reynaud speaker wire at a bargain price, if you are interested email me and I will give you his contact info, he is in France.