Harbeth vs. Reynaud

I would appreciate comparisons between Harbeth and JM Reynaud speakers. Thank You.
look at Bob Neil's postings on speaker asylum, his website for Amherst Audio, etc....quite a good deal of comparison info, starting with spendors, then harbeth, then audio note/reynauds...
I've only heard one pair of reynauds, which were nice. The harbeths I've heard I like better.
Which models were you wanting to compare?
As Chashas1 wrote, a good place to begin your search is to search the archives over at PF Online and then his website at Amherst Audio. Bob previously reviewed speakers at PFO before becoming a dealer for Audio Note, Reynaud, and Blue Circle.

Of course, there are some here who have heard both and hopefully they will chime in. There have been a few threads here too but you will find pretty extensive comparisons by looking up Bob's reviews, IMO.
I have owned both (Harbeth SLH-5, Monitor 30 and HL-PES2 and the JMR Duet). I would say...

Harbeth: clarity, natural tonality, refined, polite and somewhat restrained

JMR: even greater clarity, less polite, more exciting, a closer-in perspective