Moving up the Reynaud line, opinions please...

I've been pretty happy with my current system, vintage restored Accuphase P-300, C-200 amps and Reynaud Twin Sig's. The Twin's have always been a bit small for my room, so I'm thinking of updating. Since I'm fond of the Twin's, I may just move up the Reynaud line, but I'm interested in other options. I''ve always loved Quad 57's, and I'd say that's just about my ideal sound, but I don't have the floor space for them, so with the Quad's as a reference, what else is out there? Maybe Harbeth? I listen mostly to classical and rock, and would love to stay under $3000 new or used. Any thoughts would be wonderful! Thanks, Joe
Now Joe, haven't you heard of the known natural progression in the great speaker hunt? It's Spendor, Harbeth, then Audio Note? (you can also sidestep a bit with Reynaud, and now Kudos)
At your price range, Harbeth C-7's or new Kudos X2's would be great, C-7 with stands close to $4k, X2's at $2500.
Good luck and have fun!
Well, Chas, I suppose I am, sort of, but am a bit concerned about the possibility of taking a sideways step. I don't really have time to get out and audition speakers, and I prefer to stick with things for a bit, so I'd like to find a speaker that is not only different, but will really outshine the Twins. Is that even possible in my price range? Would the X2 (which does seem interesting from the little available info) be an improvement, or just different?
Having heard a Reynaud but not the Twins, I'm not sure. The lower end would definitely time better with the X2's than with a Spendor or Harbeth. I'd have a chat with good ol Bob Neil if I were you.
I have had 2 different pairs of Offrandes, both were the versions right before the Signature and now they have released the new Supreme.

Never heard the twins but I just love the Offrande sound. They can fill a pretty large room mine is 17 x 22 and open on one side beyond that. Incredibly coherent with wonderfully deep and well defined bass. Soundstage is also very good. They should have the same "house sound" as the twins, but just more of everything, especially bass.

Bob Neill is the guy to ask at Amhurst Audio