Pyramid speakers

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Is this a brand or are you just talking about speakers with the general shape of a pyramid?

If the latter Green Mountain (Diamanté?) made some nice ones and I always liked the Shainian Obelisks

FYI ..., a matched second “TRIANGLE SPEAKERS - any thoughts” innocuous  OP also posted out there contemporaneously by this member .....

Richard Sequerra (of tuner fame) built and sold a triangular-shaped floor-stander called the Pyramid Metronome 1 back in '79 - 81. Later he produced and sold a small 2-way monitor called the Metronome 2. I saw the Met 1 at Innovative Audio in Brooklyn, NY. Looked very impressive! Alas, I didn't listen to it (I was there buying a Bedini 25/25 amp). The Met 1 got a favorable review from The Audio Critic (look it up) but several flaws in the design were noted. I would buy a pair if the price was about $1K and in good working condition.
Richard Sequerra also sold an add-on ribbon tweeter called the T-1. The Audio Critic liked it a lot - found it to be superior to the Decca ribbon tweeter.
So nobody remembers the Met 1, Met 2 and the T-1? Gee, I must be getting old!
And the Day-Sequerra tuner? At the time acknowledged as the world's finest tuner!
I owned the Met 7, little 2-way, 1983-85. I am getting old, 1 year at a time. :-)
My apologies. for giving the wrong model number: Metronome 7 - Richard Sequerra's small monitor speaker. Thank you mesch for reminding me! Back in the 80's I had Tangent RS-2's. Another superb small Brit speaker!
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I also owned for a brief time a pair of Sequerra's 11s, don't remember designation, were box like and meant to be set on the floor and were angled upward.  Sold them and understand they are still in service by purchaser.