Puritan vs niagara 1200

Puritan psm 136 vs Niagara 1200.

Wich one would be the better choice to clean dirty electric?

A friend of mine is thinking to buy one of them for his Hegel H390.

I myself do use this Puritan power optimizer psm 136 with my Hegel H590 (2x300watt) and an old Sony cdp-xa50es cd player. I do like this Puritan very much.
All I know is the Niagara 1000 that I once owned completely clamped the dynamics of my system. Yes it slightly improved the sound quality but it sucked the life from my music. Puritan I've heard is one of the few that does not do that, that's what I'm getting next. 
The Niagara 1200 that I own doesn’t , in the least, restrict dynamics in my system. Quite the opposite. My system is much more responsive with it and scales effortlessly. It’s so quiet, I can hear deep into recordings and hear more of what’s going on with the music.

The music starts sooner and is there’s simply more to it. The Niagara is one of the best investments I’ve made.

Having said that, I was giving the Puritan 136 and 156 serious consideration until I saw the pricing. MSRP for the 136 is €995 and the only dealer I could find in North American was a Canadian one who wanted about $1500 for it, which is what the 156 should have been priced at, given the currency exchange rate but there’s always a middle man to contend with. That was about a year before I got the Niagara so things may have changed.

Researching as much as I could on the 1200 vs the 1000, I came across an audio blog site where someone had both units and the 1200 is not just a 1000 with an extra outlet. It’s a completely different animal.

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@nonoise Here in Europe the (going) price from the puritan psm 136 was better than the price from the Niagara 1200.
@thei, Maybe it's a VAT being added to the price of the Niagara as it sells for only $999.95 here in the States. Puritans online pricing guide says the Puritan 136 sells for €995, which would be $1157.33 at the current exchange rate.

If you can get the Puritan at a better price, then maybe you should get it.

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I already do have the puritan psm 136.

I only was asking for my friend who has a Hegel h390 wich of both is the best choice. Prices for Niagara ir puritan are almost the same here , so price is not the problem.
thei, you might want to check if the 1200 is even instock in your country, it isn't presently readily available in the US from some websites I've looked at e.g. Upscale Audio which is located "next to them" states " Ordered with Manufacturer. Contact Us Updated ETA. ".
Does anyone know how the surge protection actually works on the Puritan?  Does it blow an internal fuse or?
The Ear review in 2017 was of a much earlier model which  had an input fuse and separate fuses (6)  on each output. The filtering on this model was also steeper  per stage resulting in the 8Amps power route to each socket. Current model has no fuses, these being  replaced by a single thermomagnetic breaker with solid silver contacts. The filtering was reduced and current path to each output increased from 8 to 15 Amps