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Is Magnepan is coming out with it's own amplifier
Okay thanks I'll try to find it over there, I find that forum difficult to navigate sometimes. 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Verastarr has been doing flat foil cables for years and they sound fantastic. You have your choice of either copper or silver foil.  
Morrow Audio special audiogon coupon code
Thank you !! 
Separate DAC and Streamer or go with a Streamer DAC?
Well I'd like to thank all those who weighed in with their thoughts and ideas. A decision was made and I went the separates route. I did stay with the Innuos Zenmini mkii streamer but I ended up with a different DAC. As my friend put it I got the ... 
Possible new integrated amp for my new Focal Kanta's
Thanks for all the great insight, I picked up a Unison Research Unico Secondo hybrid amp and will be doing some comparison and seeing what I like best. Steve 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Martin Logan Theo's Musical Fidelity 2ia ampRogue Audio Sphinx ampPrimaLuna Prologue Tube AmpOnkyo CD playerMusic Hall 25.3 DACVintage Denon DP47F turntable.