Purist versus Shunyata Power Cords

I recently bought an Audio Research Ref 6 pre-amp.  I have noted a few posts that claim AR prefers Shunyata power cords for their pre-amps.  I have Purist cables throughout my system and I am presently using a Purist Dominus pc in my ARC Ref 6 pre-amp.  Does anyone know the difference I would hear in the Purist Dominus versus the Shunyata Sigma power cords if used in this pre-amp?
Sort of off topic to your direct question (sorry); I just installed Anticables Level 3 PCs in my rig. All are direct into wall. It's a new ballgame here at the manse. They have free trial. Food for thought.   
Purist is certainly a top PC it depends on system synergy.I would not worry stick  with purist.I have Diamond Diminus and love it.
Congrats on your fine new preamp! I'm an ARC fan from way back. I'd like to compare the Ref-6 to my BAT VK33-SE!
you have a great cord - PC’s are an endless cycle of options.  Stick with what you have IMO.