pure silver speaker wire

Anyone know where I can source pure silver 8awg cable with around 500 strands per lead? Thank you all.
Man that is a big chunk of silver. Something like that is going to cost a ton. I can only guess you are going to use it for a power cable? Is that right?
I can only guess you are going to use it for a power cable? Is that right?
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I wouldn't trust it for a power cable myself. Silver is stiff and breaks easily, including stranded. Wire in that size may be more easily found in the silver plated/clad copper form. And, I don't have any suggestions for that type either.
Why not use solid ?
buy bulk or trade in your lamborgini.
These guys,
sell 10awg solid core either bare or in FEP and also a 16-strand, 22awg per strand, which would equal a 10awg if you used the whole braid. If you wanted 8awg, you could twist four of the 16-strand bundles together and connect them in a star-quad geometry. I would probably not use them for power cables because of the FEP covering.

If you want to spend some money, below are two where you can purchase UPOCC solid core silver by Neotech in bulk. I do not know of anyone selling solid silver in fine strands.

VH Audio also sells solid core OCC silver in a variety of sizes up to 14awg.
Thank you all. I can find 28awg pure silver and make my own. It's just very tedious. I'm in the process of replacing power supply and signal wire in my various ss amps. I have an Acoustat TNT 200 presently being rebuilt by none other than Roy Esposito. When I acqiured this amp and removing the cover, I discovered 8awg cable. I also have a TNT 120 with the same construction. These amps are incredibly fast with a damping factor of 1000@1khz. So I decided to try this on a rebuilt Ampzilla with a damping factor of 150. To my delight, not only did this drastically increase damping factor, but every other sonic parameter as well(mind you with copper cable).
I've already made pure silver power supply and signal wire for a pair of LSR&D Superamp monos In the past with favorable result. However not with freeing up a bottle neck in mind. I replaced them with standard gauge. I now want to try it with the big guys on a number of different amps.
Not sure, but I think the wire I used to experiment with is finer than 28awg. I counted about 500 strands per lead? Many years ago I experimented with "Magnat Superflow" speaker wire that had over 1000 strands per lead in 8awg per lead cable. Results were astonishing. I've tried but can't find this cable anymore even though there are references to it on google.
This would be an overkill. 10 feet of such cable would have resistance of 12mohms (6mohms each way) while inductor in series with the woofer has most likely 100mohms (limiting DF to 80). 500 strands might be bad since it does not help skin effect (that starts at gauge 18 in copper at 20kHz) and causes constant current jumps from strand to strand (caused by skin effect) thru impurities (oxides) residing on the surface of each strand. What you need is gauge 10 total with about 10 insulated (gauge 20) strands twisted on on hollow tube or arranged as a flat tape so that each strand would be exposed only to magnetic field of neighboring strands.
Oh my goodness! It's back to the drawing board. But what will I do with the last 30 years? Water under the skin I guess.