Pure Music or Amarra with iMac

Getting a music server system set up and bought a iMac especially for the purpose. This feeds via USB /I2S into my own DAC for best sound quality.

For playback what do you guys suggest Amarra or PureMusic, and how do you access your library remotely from an iPad or iPhone. I have gotten my toes wet with PS Audio PWD / eLyric and I think that the remote interface works extremely well with PS Audio but have had some trouble with it otherwise.

Also im about to start ripping my substantial CD collection 3 - 4K of them any suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks in advance

I have used both, and also the recently released jRiver Media Center Alpha build for Mac. I also recently downloaded Audirvana Plus and started playing with it. They all have strengths, but I think I've about settled on Audivarna Plus. It allows iTunes to handle my entire music library, including formats like Flac, and that means that you can use Apple's excellent Remote application to control the music and playlists. It is also really simple to set up and use.

Just one Person's opinion. YMMV.
Audirvana Plus also gets my vote for ease of use, and all round capability in playing every format (DSD ISO, DSF etc). It falls short of Amarra/PM's plug in/roomEQ capabilities but those I can live without. That said, I heard Audirvana Plus is going to get an upgrade to add those features. The programmer is prolific and highly responsive to bug fixes etc.

If you don't need DSD, I strongly recommend having a look at BitPerfect from the AppStore. So cheap but IMHO it works just as well with PCM files.

For ripping, I use XLD. It's Mac's equivalent of EAC on the PC. And it provides a good log of the ripping process.

And yes, Remote for the iPad/iPhone is free and works incredibly well. My only wishlist for it is to add "cache" for album covers cos it seems to reload the album covers quite frequently.
Audioengr of Empirical Audio frequently recommends Amarra, and also mentions the built-in equalizer capabilities of Amarra as being an outstanding audio tool.

Does any of the of the other aftermarket software have an equalizer function as part of the package?
Specifically I recommend version 4318/19 of Amarra. Of you own full Amarra, you can download this version. Not as stable as the latest, but better sounding IMO.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Hello Steve

Can you offer any advise on making the Tenor TE7022L USB receiver work with a brand new iMac, so far I've had no luck with it. My WAY old PC with windows 98 (don't laugh) and my laptop with Windows XP connects fine but any Mac in the house, all 6 of them, will not connect to the USB, any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

Well figured that one out - surfing the internet on the subject read that the most left USB port on the iMac was not suited for audio devices ? strange indeed plugged into slot 3 of the 4 available, the drive is plugged into slot 2 and I have a connection - what gives ? Steve N maybe you can shed a little light on this


Peter - Many computers have different USB ports on them. Some are USB2.0 compliant and others are not. Some are full-speed capable and others are not. Try another USB port. Also, make sure that the port is not disabled due to excess power use on the cable. Disconnect USB cable, reboot and try again.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks Steve, I actually figured it out, but I'm on the heavy moderation list so my posts come in reverse.

Thanks again for the advise, greatly appreciated

I own both Pure Music and Audivrana + and have demoed Amarra. My preference is Audivrana.

Macs dynamically select USB ports so sometimes you have to fiddle around to ensure connection to one of the high speed USB ports.

I recommend using XLD to rip your library into iTunes.
I have tried all 3 in question here and my order of preference is Audirvana+ > Amarra > Pure Music.

To me Audirvana+ is the most transparent and dynamic. I think there is something to direct and integer modes with Mountain Lion.

Obviously these things are system-dependent and subjective. All software products like this have a 2-week trial to allow your own personal evaluation.
Thanks all for the suggestions, I think I've settled for the Audirvana+ Sound is excellent and integration via Remote software to iPad/iPhone is excellent.

Good Listening