Amarra EQ users please help me.......

I want to use the EQ function, but I am stumped. It seems I can only adjust a total of three different frequencies across the whole spectrum? This makes no sense to me and greatly limits the usefulness of this tool.

I downloaded Audiotools on my iPad and wanted to play with the iPads internal mic and learn before going whole hog and buying a mic pre and mic much more accurate than the iPad's.

The EQ table only gives a total of three places to enter the frequency? Once you save those three settings it seems your done?
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I've never used Amarra, but it sounds like you may not have it configured properly. Can you select the type of EQ you want to use? Parabolic, graphic, etc..? If you can, try putting it on graphic/manual. That should allow you to set it however you want.
The Sonic Studio website has a user manual which has information about the EQ.

I'm thrilled to own Amarra. I've created a default setting which works for most of my music, but there are times when I like adjusting for fun or to perfect the sound.

But sometines certain music requires more adjustment than normal, especially 80's pop which I find lacks bass. In that case I set the gain to 8.7, freq. to 100Hz and the Q to 1.0, which results in boosting the low frequency and presents a fuller, more complete sound. Without it, the pop music from that era sounds thin and tinny.

Increasing or decreasing the gain will result in the most dramatic effect, just be carefull because you can boost the bass gain too much. I don't ever set the gain higher than 9.0 on any frequency below 100Hz.

I hope this helps, I suggest listening to each of the pre-sets and finding the one you like best. From there you can add your own "touch" to get it the way you like.
If you go to the preferences you can select a 4-parametric option with lots of different filters available.

If you need more than 4 corrections, you have a lot more problems with your system and room. You should first always apply a minimum number of room treatments and then spend a lot of time positioning the speakers in the optimum spots. Then after that is done, finally correct for your speaker inaccuracies and the 2 room resonances. Usually correcting only one room resonance is sufficient. Decent speakers can usually be corrected with 2 or 3 settings. I have used lots of different speakers at shows and never needed all 4 corrections.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I looked under Amarra preferences and could not find a forth option? I have been playing with the EQ tool and do find 3 work and the sound is greatly improved. I mean greatly improved.

My only remaining problem is I can't save my settings! I have read how to do it and it simply does not take! Hassle to keep re-entering the settings!

I have to let folks know the EQ tool gave my system a flat response in my room and the sound is simply fantastic. Oh my!
I have properly placed room treatments and ideal speaker placement. My speakers are Coincident TV 3's. They are good speakers.

The three settings did work great and now my computer based system just destroys any CD player or transport I have had in my system. I mean by a wide margin. Imagine a tool that delivers a flat response in your room! I am hearing my system play music to its full potential!
Granny - its like getting $100K speakers, probably better. If you don't change the EQ settings, they should be saved if you use "default". Each time you start Amarra, you will have to select Default and EQ however. Its a minor irritation.

Its a good idea to get a good mic like the Earthworks M30 and the $400 mic preamp for the ipad. This will improve the bass accuracy, even though it is still a bit chopped-up.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio