PSB Synchrony One

I just set up my newest acquisitions in the living room, a set of PSB Synchrony One speakers, Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp, and running my old Transrotor Fat Bob, Audiomods IV arm and Lyra Delos cartridge. Without a lot of tweaking, and using the M3's phono stage, my listening experience has taken a huge step up. So much so that my wife noticed immediately and claimed there was no comparison to my prior system, which is still playing in the den.

I had thought that my prior set up was pretty good, something that I could live with for a long time, but the difference is remarkable and makes me want to use all the adjectives you keep reading in magazines and on forums.

This system was put together with pieces I found here on audiogon, for not a lot of money and with some advice from here too.

So, thanks to all.

It is always a pleasure to find out that we can stumble upon synergy from time to time without a lot of second guessing.

As to your previous system: "Ignorance is bliss". We don't know what we don't know. Enjoy!
Absolutely amazing speakers! Talk about the wonderful finesse of a guitar string’s resonance to a magnificent woman’s crystal clear voice to Yes bringing the thunder! You made a terrific choice that you’ll never regret. Better than most speakers 3x the price.