PSB Platinum or Synchrony one ?

Just wondering if anyone has compared the T8 with synchrony one,I would be using them as fronts in a HT set up ??
Own both (PSB dealer), if it were me I would go with the Synchrony One. Not only is it the current model, but it sounds better imho. Not that the T8 was bad or anything, it was anything but, the Synchrony One just takes it to the next level in refinement.
I disagree I listened to both and felt the T8 has better bass response and better control on the treble with back firing tweeter. Also build quality seems better on the T8. I was able to buy the T-8 as a blemish model for a bit more than the synchrony from a dealer in S. Cal.
both are incredible and on paper the Platinum 8 would appear to outgun the synchrony one...that said the synchrony one is one of the finest new loudspeakers i've heard. its an absolute throwback to the neutrality (or balance across a wide bandwidth) of classic new england east-coast designs. psb hit one out of the park and it will compete with even the crazy-expensive esoterica.
The T8 is certainly not bass-shy and is a fine speaker, but you have to consider that the Sync One is much more room friendly in most cases.

As for build quality....Dude, the Sync One is much better imho. Ah, to each their own, though. ;-)
Im thankfull to all who have commented, for a bit more info, I will probably go for a complete change of my speakers fronts center, sub and surrounds with either sync one or platinum. It will be in a dedicated room 20 ft by 18 ft by 8 ft high. If anyone has either system I would love to know their comments.
i own PSB T8 for 2 years now, i begin to like it, i own PSB Goldi for over 10 years, decided to move to T8 at that price is incredible value, compare to Goldi , T8 better in very way, especially on the bass and treble , bass is very tight,
not like Goldi boomy.
i run krell FPB600 and VPI classic, sony 9000es,
pre-amp Anthem AVM 30, PS Audio phono
"i own PSB T8 for 2 years now, i begin to like it"

Wow! Took two years, huh?