Powering PSB Synchrony Two Towers

Hey all! Just purchased an awesome set of PSB Synchrony Two tower speakers. I'm in the process of picking an integrated solid state amp to power these bad boys and I'm curious as to what to look out for to find good synergy. I'm going to an audio store tomorrow to listen to them hooked up to a few different amps but what are things go look out for besides just watts per channel. I'm okay with a class D amp, and I don't need many inputs. I'm not looking for specific amplifier recommendations, but rather what specs I should look out for to narrow it down. Thanks again!
I think you may be doing it backwards. You should be looking for reccomendations based on your speakers as well as your sonic preferences. Power rating is certainly a consideration, but you can determine that from the PSB website.
Regarding the Synchrony line, they have terrific soundstaging, great bass extension, but keep in mind that they have metal tweeters. Selection of your front end is important as the highs can be harsh when not matched well with the preamp and source.
It's important to consider that these spkrs have 4 ohm impedance, so look for an amp which will provide high current.
When I heard the synchrony twos they didn't sound the slightest bit harsh. Actually very smooth and warm sounding to me. I'd recommend something pretty neutral. I'm using a wyred4sound integrated right now and am loving it. Probably be a really good match for those PSBs.
Dont get me wrong, I like my Synchs. Very lush and warm sounding, but the wrong CDP as in my case, or a bad CD can sound harsh due to the very detailed tweeter. Otherwise, they are very musical speakers.
I'm using a Sunfire 300... 300 wpc/8 ohms, 600 wpc/4 ohms and it sounds superb.
but rather what specs I should look out for to narrow it down.
Other than adequate power for your needs, the amp needs to be rated for use with 4 ohm speakers. It would also be good to see a substantial increase in power output from the 8 ohm rating to the 4 ohm rating, doubling would be great. Then just listen, and let your ears make the decision.
Tls49, you beat me to it. The amp needs to show specs for driving 4 ohm spkrs. Some manufacturers only show specs for 8 ohms.
PSB and NAD are a match made in heaven.
Powering a pair of Sync Ones with my Ayre Integrated solid state amp -- love it!
I'm using a hegel h-100 with psb imagine t2 and the combo sounds great.