PS Audio Sprout

I just ordered a PS Audio Sprout, which they'll ship before Aug. 15.

Originally, I thought I'd use it with my computer audio system, connected to Spendor s3/5s.

But now I keep looking at my main system, a Krell KAV-300i (20 years old), connected to Spatial M1 Turbos...

Would the Sprout be a worthy successor to the Krell?
Doubt it.

Only one way to find out.  Try it in the main system.  Given my coolness towards Class D amplification, I probably would prefer the Krell, but you might feel differently.

Try it and see. Only way to know for sure.

There is lots of very good gear out there but no two meet each individual’s needs or preferences equally. That’s usually the X factor.

I too doubt it.
Give it a try.

The slight mid-bass boost of the Sprout will most likely require repositioning of your open baffle speakers (in order to give it a fair shake).

I’ve been intrigued by the pro reviews of the Sprout in that regardless of any stated shortcomings there is recurring mention of how fun and musical is sounds.

I have two sprouts . One for my headphones HE500.
Another in my kitchen with Silverline minuets .
Honestly the sprout it is a breakthrough product and a super achievement.
I ended selling my Hegel H80 etc. Why .
Because over a small area I can pack a TT, DAC, streaming via coaxial and Bluetooth from my portable tidal devices.
Just awesome.

Reposition how?  Farther from the back wall?

If I understand your speakers correctly the bass increases as they are moved out from the front wall (up to a certain point), so they may sound better a little closer.

I think the bass boost is around 60-65Hz (difficult to read the measurement graphs) and you may find that you enjoy the added jump factor. 

Many thanks, dekay.  I'll certainly try it.