PS Audio P5 - leave on or power off when done listening?

This is my 1st regenerator, and as the title suggests, I’m looking for input on whether or not I should be powering down the P5 unit itself or just the audio devices plugged into the p5 regenerator?

for reference, I have a devialet d200, oppo CD player, and Apple TV as the only devices that are connected. 


I have the P10 and I leave it on all the time. I shut off my SS monoblock amps with the P10 remote and the rest of the system... file player, DAC & pre-amp stay on all the time. When the amps are off the P10 says a draw of 83 watts is happening. Of course if I go away for more than a day I turn it all off.
I have my entire system plugged into my P5 save for the two powered subwoofers.  I never turn my P5 off.  In fact, I leave my system powered up at all times so it is ready to rock when I am.
Thanks for the feedback, I had been powering it off via the front which is sorta like a standby as I understand. So I take it you guys when you say you leave yours up, that you mean you don’t turn anything off except maybe the touchscreen? Except in koestners case, turns off the switch that has his amp connected via the ps audio remote.

I didnt differentiate between standby/front power vs rear power/completley “off”. 

The only time time I have turned the rear power off was when adding new components or when I moved it from one room to the other. The rest of the time, I have just been putting it in “standby”... 
I leave it on all of the time. It’s installed on my AV rack and only is used when I watch movies, otherwise, it’s sitting idle. Been like that for a year now. 
Have a P15 and i leave it on. In the PS Audio forum Paul responded to this question to leave it on that its designed for 20+ years of continuous service