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Northern Idaho / Spokane area audio folk, any informal meets or interest in idea exchanges
Well all things being equal where I live out shines the lack of outted audio folks. The .usic stills sounds as great as being in a crowded city but the view is much better.If you do end up out this way please reach out. I'm in Northern Idaho and h... 
Yakima, Washington
I'm an hour NE of Spokane.  Not many of us in this part of the world 
Auditioning Elipsa SE tomorrow, getting my ducks in a row, am I missing anything
The old Maggies were the 2 way intro deal from 20 years ago. Gifted them to a friend who loves them 
Auditioning Elipsa SE tomorrow, getting my ducks in a row, am I missing anything
Hard to believe its been a year since this journey started. Ended up going with a full BHK stack. The mono blocks are a hybrid design with tubes on the input stage, solid state on the back side. Finished off the electronics with  P15 regenerator. ... 
Power - where to start? Mains, chords, conditioner, filter?
I've done the dedicated circuit,  regenerator,  and selective power cords. The P15 made the biggest,  monumental changes actually, improvement. Dedicated circuit couldn't hear the diff, but then I'm running through a regenerator. Power cord betwee... 
NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables
Got the Matrix PC in and found I was much happier feeding my P15 regenerator with it over my HF Reveal. Reveal is now feeding the dac and have a Pangea14SE MkII feeding the pre.One change that came with the Matrix I just don’t understand. Maybe so... 
SR UEF Blue Power cables
@tuffy72561  I have one of the Matrix cord feeding my regenerator and very pleased with it. I'm considering cords for my amps and looking at both the UEF Blue or Cerious as well. I'd be eager to hear any info you hear regarding these 2 cords 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
+1 mkgus well said 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
@boxer12. Doesn’t bother me at all. Everyone needs a hobby! For me its horses and music.Was talking with a traveling clinician once and he told that when speaking to a crowd if he actually reaches 1 person it was a good clinic. I’ll hang my hat on... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Brooklyn Duo. Album 7+8 
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
@jtucker, @thyname, @mkgus  Sorry if I killed the discussion.  I have some new data that you 3 might appreciate. Just got another upgrade PC and dropped between the wall and regenerator. Grabbed some new graphs. Wish the detail was better, but I'm... 
PS Audio Regenerators - P5, P10, P12, P15
P15 here. Love it and run TV and all 2 channel, except my sub. Drawing less than 5 A at normal levels. I'd expect a P20 would sound even better but it's a step up in price I couldn't  doLeave mine on all the time and leave my system in standby 
Power conditioner and high end power cord
Used to run an office grade UPS and a furman rackrider. Taking them in or out of the system I was hard pressed to hear a difference.I pulled both out and put in a regenerator.  Actual jaw dropping change the 1st day. Factory cords on all equipment... 
Overwhelmed and under experienced...
"If I were king" is how I'm approaching some of these issues.We're all chasing something we want to hear out of our systems. Your frustration is pretty easy to understand. For every idea or opinion you come across you can always find a contrary vi... 
My Audio System and Invitation.
Great offer, if you ever take your entire room on a road show to the east side of the state it would be fun. Enjoy