Progressive DVD?

I just installed my new Pioneer HD-520 TV. I currently have an old Pioneer DVD player connected to it(using component cables) even though it's not progressive scan. The picture quality is really very good.

I'm going to buy a new progressive scan player(hopefully the new Pioneer DV-47A) does anyone know when the DV-47A will begin shipping?

My question is how much better is progressive scan over non-progressive. I feel that my old player does a pretty good job. Will I be blown away by new progressive technology since it should be getting better and better or are the differences minor?


Better? yup,--Get used to your present player/ new tv combo/ so you can be wowed when you get the new one.
I totally agree with the above post. If DVD-A is not important, save some bucks on a Pioneer Elite DV-37. They're coming down in price and what a picture! I love mine. It's built pretty damn well too. Kind of in the PD-65 vein.