reasonably priced progressive scan dvd/cd player

I'm looking for any thoughts or opinions for reasonably priced progressive scan dvd player that also has good cd audio quality. I plan to use the player for 50/50 cds and dvds. Trying to keep the price tag below $1200. Would I have better luck going for 2 seperate players? Thanks in advance.
I own a Sony DVP 9000ES and have been more than pleased with its performance. Got it on right now playing some music and drinkin a beer. Life aint so bad.
You'd have to look really hard to beat the Sony DVP s9000es.
Excellent picture quality, very good cd sonics, and SACD sonics are even better.
I third the 9000es for the money it can not be beat. ~Tim
The sony es is nice..
However, I choose the Pioneer elite DV 47a
Has a detachable power cord, plays progressive scan,
DVD audio and Sacd formats.. It can be bought new for around 700 to 750... then spend the rest on good cables.
Buy a JVC 90 or 95. You can get them new for $250 on ebay. The picture is great, dvd audio out is nice and the cd quality is quite good. You can always use the digital out to an external d/a if the cd quality isn't up to your standards-you will have to spend a ton to beat this unit.
I bought the Sony ES. I'm very happy with it. Tom
If you can find one,the EAD theatervisionP is the best I have seen. I have the Sony,Tosh,and EAD. The last time I saw a TVP it was right in your price range. The TVP also won the Golden ear award from TAS(if your into that kind of stuff).
Sony DVP9000ES $700 at tweeter
Toshiba SD9200 $477 DEMO at tweeter
EAD TVP $1750 closeout
I had a JVC XV-SA75GD DVD Audio/Video player. Let me say that the analog audio playback from this player was the worst I've ever owned. The highs were tilted up dramatically. I'm not sure if they meant to do that, if it could have been disabled, etc. Anyway, I took it back. The reason I had it to start with was because my JVC XV-D723GD DVD Audio/Video player was a lemon and could not be repaired. Needless to say, I'm not planning on purchasing any more JVC electronics in my lifetime.
Can't go wrong with a Sony 9000es.
Thanks to everyone for the responses. Looks like the Sony DVP S9000es is the overwhelming choice.
Good choice on the Sony 9000ES. You are always going to have someone who tried "the next best thing" or some "esoteric" brand try to tell you otherwise, because they don't want to be alone in their decision. But the fact is, Sony spent a bunch of money designing the 9000ES. An amount that would bankrupt an esoteric company, and since they are SACD, it's R&D to them. So buy one, be prepared to upgrade to their next introduction, and be happy all the while. Tom