Can any one tell me if a progressive scan dvd play

Hi, Can any one tell me if a progressive scan dvd player is worth buying if you only have a non HDTV? Or does progressive scan only work with a HDTV? I currently have a magnavox 36 " TP368ICI tv and a JVC XV-S45GD DVD player.
Don't waste the $$ unless yours isn't working.
I agree. If you did not already have a DVD player, then I would say go for it. I would not considering buying one as an upgrade. As a side note; some modern televisions have their own noise reduction which progressive scan may not integrate with. In those cases the picture gets worse.
yes, you *do* need a tv capable of displaying a native 480p image, which hdtv's are capable of, and none others of which i'm aware.
If you like the dvd player and it has a switchable progressive scan / normal, then buy it.

I have a Sony DVP s9000es progressive scan for my non-hdtv and it's a beautiful picture. Not to mention it plays SACD and CD quite nicely.
Now that the question of if its worth it to upgrade to a progressive scan play with a non-HD TV is anwsered. Can any one recommend a reasonably priced switchable player as mentioned by Stehno? Or is that something that is only found on higher priced players? The mentioned sony cost almost as much as my whole system. I try and buy quality at a reasonable price. I concider my system a budget system.It consist of: Yamaha RX-V800 receiver, dbx DX-5CD player, JVC XV-S45GD dvd player, Phillips 36" TV (non-HD) I'll upgrade later, Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck,Polk R40 mains, Polk RT35i fronts, Polk RT-25i rears, Polk CS-245 center,Polk PSW350 sub.I payed around $1600 for everything, so paying $800 to $1000 for the sony s9000es is a little out of my budget. I'm looking for picture qaulity that won't break the bank. Thanks to any one who can help.
Dbx, the sony dvp s9000es is well worth spending some time trying to find a used one for maybe $500 or so. The picture is first rate and the sonics of SACD and Cd will get you about 8/10th's of the way there.

There was a nice writeup of the s9000es in The Absolute Sound a couple of issues ago.

Good luck.
I agree with Stehno on the Sony 9000. I also have one and it is fantastic. For a one-source system that will do CD,SACD, and DVD it really can't be beat. I use it as my main source and love it. Paid $675 used, here on the goN.
Dbx, I just noticed in your post that you had 5.1 HT. The Sony DVP S9000es is stereo only. Oh well.
I'd recommend getting rid of the 5.1 surrounds, amps, and cables and just work on a good solid 2-channel system. Not only will you be able to more easily afford the equipment and sound you desire, but your system will sound probably even better, and your room will look better too.

Seriously, if you configure your 2-channel system with appropriate equipment and setup, you will not miss the surround sound.

2-channel for movies can easily be reproduced very well also. If the movies you are watching are good and your 2-channel system is good, your senses will already be so consumed that you'll never miss the surround affects.

Also, keep the subwoofer or upgrade it with the rest of the money you saved.

Stehno & Rick:

1) Stehno is right on the money--I decided not to go for surround and sold my brand new Mirage MBS Bipolars. Matching my Swans's ribbon tweeter would be a feat, too. Incredible dynamics and soundstage!

2) Rick, I have your same DVD player (and a Cambridge D300SE CDP) both hooked to a Soundstream/Krell DAC-1. The DVD is under a 27" SONY WEGA. It sits on four Vibrapods which in turn are on an mdf board with Blue Tack under each corner. I have a little Rat Shack power strip with surge supressor and '30 dB noise filter'. It looks and sounds decent. Now this weekend I purchased a used 3000 W ONEAC isolation transformer with noise filtering (220V in/ 110 V out). Simply stunning! What an amazing little DVD player!
And I read Audioquest(¿?) made a power cord for those types of units! My Tice A/V Solo will eventually end up there plugging TV, DVD and my Proton 600T Preamp/Video Tuner.


(a) optimize what you already own.

(b) proper power conditioning will take you very far.


Psychic, how'd you type the '¿?'? I just did a cut and paste to put it here. I've never seen this before.

And yes 2-channel makes life much easier and better sounding too.

i disagree. i have separate systems for music and home theater, and i FIRMLY believe in quality 5.1 (or 7.1) film soundtracks, as long as music remains 2 channel. the purpose of a movie soundtrack is to immerse you and make you believe you are there in the middle of everything. so, surround channels work. when you see a live concert, unless you're a musician, you don't hear guitars behind you with the bass in front and the viola slightly behind you to the left, etc. you hear it in front of you. so, 2-channel works for music.
If one has separate audio and HT, one will long for the Audio system's musical performance, unless one has a *lot* of money. No need to make one's life miserable...

As for the original question, Cambridge decided not to put the Progressive Scan feature in their DVD player. Seems it's not better than component out, according to them.

It seems it's the same with video, too. One can get an image that is technically correct with a HDTV, progressive scan, etc., but that will not look 'live'. More 'advanced' is not necessarily better....

I am very satisfied with the results I'm getting with the isolation transformer--the DVD player is delivering better picture and sound. It's like having my own portable dedicated line!
Thanks to everyone for the great input, it has answered my question in regard's to HT, but I must agree with Lazarus28 on seperate HT and audio.I have a strictly audio system in my war room (ex-military) It consist of DBX bx-3 power amp, CX-3 pre amp, a sony 550es tuner, another dbx DX-5 CD player( I love the compression feature on these players) hooked up to four dbx soundfield speakers. I origanly tried to us this as the heart of my HT, but couldn't get the sound effect that I wanted out of it. It was load enough, almost ear bleeding loud if I turned it all the way up, Ijust didn't get the same feeling as if I was sitting in a movie theater. Musicaly the system is almost perfect, regarless of the type of music I play, classic, jazz, rock, alternative, country, I can turn the volume almost all the way up with out any distrotion. (Thats by use of the human ear) I think with better speakers, interconnects, and wire, I'd be able to achieve that crystal clear sound with no distortion at full volume. Thanks again for everyones input.