Proclaim Audioworks DMT-100

I am pretty much an amateur with all of this. Love collecting LPs (listening on a vintage Yamaha rec/turntable) but have never put any significant money into it.

I currently have a chance to pick up a pair of these really cool DMT 100 speakers in like new shape. Price seems pretty good, at least based the on the reading I’ve done, MSRP was around $28,000.

I really love the way they look and would be perfect for my place. They also seem to be adaptable to a wide variety of listening environments which also appeals to me.

Anyone with any experience with these speakers? Seems they are not in business anymore, at least that I can see. One of my concerns is potential repair/resale value down the line if they are no longer around.

Anyways, any thoughts on these speakers would be appreciated.

I've seen speakers like that before. Very interesting, and these particular ones seem to be well made, especially the crossover. Still, I would be curious to know what the asking price is, because the resale would be very difficult, and as interesting as they look, you may get more musical enjoyment from a boring looking pair of veneered boxes.
I'm in agreement with roxy54. The speakers definetely have a cool factor and look to be very well constructed. However, what happens if something breaks? Are drivers available? What if there is a problem in the crossover? Who is going to adjust them? The drivers are movable. Would seem to be time consuming to dial-in. If they were really inexpensive, and you could afford to lose all/most of the cost, go for it. If not, I would look for a more established speaker company. 
I agree with roxy and reubent,

I would proceed with caution,are you able to listen to them before purchasing and they would have to be priced right as well.

Best of luck to you,

hey guys thanks for the feedback.

I am a little worried about them  being simply too complicated for me but am still super intrigued.

I am found out this were the "first generation" Proclaim did with just the single crossover.  

He is asking around 9000 for the pair.
kcloftguy the most important thing are the drivers.  
If you can get the drivers you can always fix the speakers if they needed to be fixed.  I'm looking at pics of the speakers and the Woofer and Midrange are definitely Eton drivers.  Eton drivers are easy to get so thats good.   The tweeter i'm not sure about.  I know Eton makes tweeters, so i would definitely find out what tweeter is on these speakers. 
By the way, what color are the