Proclaim Audioworks

Hi friends, I recently joined my first blog. This one. I’m the inventor of the Proclaim Audioworks speakers. Over the years I’d see questions and comments about them, sometimes frustrated that I couldn’t answer. So I’d like you to ask me about them if you know of them..... If not I would love to share with you why I think they are special. I work hard to support my nine kids so be patient:). Daniel 
9 kids!...sounds like you play hard too! I looked for your website and it was for sale. Is that the same Proclaim? If so, I've seen them on the web before. They are very interesting looking speakers. 
Hello, Proclaim was only 8 months old when the economy crash hit in the spring of 2008. I took down the website a short time later because I was answering questions every night after work from all over the world. I guess they sell the address when you give it up. 
Heard your speaker many times at Audio Video Therapy in Nashua NH. An amazing speaker. W/it's unique build you can fit it in almost any room. John has a demo pair at his store.
Awesome, I like John. Tell him I said hi and I’m still waiting for the tube amp he promised me:). I think he has the first pair of proclaims ever. Is it a single crossover for both channels or two separate? 
Not sure. I'll ask him when I stop over.
Saw John today and he said the pair he has is a single crossover. Give him a call on the amp. He said he sold about 11 pairs of these speakers. Always found these speakers amazing on how they adapt to various rooms. The baas and sound stage are some of the best I ever heard. 
Haha Yea they were selling them like popcorn. I will call him. Thanks for the follow up.