Proceed PAV/PDSD Communication Cable

Does anyone know where I can find the communication cable which connects the two units. I have the six Bettercables interconnects which connect the audio channels between the two units. I donot have the phone jack type modular cable which is required for the two units to communicate. I tried with a regular phone cable. Although it fits the jacks but doesnot work.
The manual says its a modular RJ-11 cable. I got a RJ-11 cable from store(its a phone cable) which doesnot work since the PAV/PDSD has six pins as opposed to four on the phone cable.
well I found the communication cable at a local store today. The unit is operational nad does the video switching etc but I donot get any audio. I have checked the connections many times. I only get erratic thuds and disturbance from all the speakers but absolutely no sound. What could be the issue?
Does the PAV appear to have FULL control over the PDSD? Does the power button activate both units? Does the analog PAV portion give out sound? The PDSD connects back to the PAV via 6 RCA analog outputs, correct? I need to refresh my memory on how that unit operates again. Thanks.
The power button powers both the units. The menu works fine. But whether you connect the inputs digitally to the pdsd or analog to the pav, there is no sound. The only thing I hear is static and few thuds. The amber light on the pdsd glows meaning that its decoding the digital signal fine. Initially I thought that its a connection problem but after checking everything ten times and also hooking same wires to my older reciever I am sure that connections are fine. The other culprit could be the communication cable I got from the local audio store.
Hi Girish:

I have a PAV/PDSD and had the same problem, it ended up to be the RJ-11 cable.

Another thing that you might want to try is unplugging 110VAC on both units and then replugging.

Enjoy music!
Hi Jeff9114:

At Radio Shack.