Need help with my Proceed AVP2

Does anyone have ever has a problem like my Proceed yesterday the front panel display went wrong, it does not say any thing but all the non meaning digital stuffs and I try to press all the buton in the fron but non of them works, the sound is fine and right now I can only use it by using the remote control only and when I leave it in standby mode the panel shows these **** can someone help me where to obtain service and company number , thanks in advance.
Try turning it off and unplugging it for a few minutes and then plug it in and start it up again. Surround processors are basically PCs and sometimes benefit from a rebooting process.
iv had this exact same problem myself and im pretty sure i know your available options;

1)send the unit to harman to repair (the problem is that the 3 orange displays have become spoilt or the display board is spoilt.)

2) if you want , you can source the osram made displays from somewhere(you will have to open them), they should be 60 usd per 3 around.

and install yourself.
good luck and i suggest, in the furure, to make sure you always use the front power switch carefully, and not to switch them on/off repeatdly, as this can short the board o the display, in my opinion.