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Integra 40.2 or Marantz SR6005?
I just installed and calibrated a marantz 7005. I am very impressed at what you get regardless of price. At this price it is a steal. just came from a $35k processor to the Marantz and do like it allot. Not as high end as Levinson 502, but quite a... 
Wilson Watt Puppy 6 or Sophia 2 ?
I am getting the general consencus from MANY people that the Sophia 2's are indeed superior to the Watt Puppy 6's. Making the decision easier...But, are they better then the Revel Studio series 1? 
HK Signature 2.0 or NuForce AVP-16
The AVP is very clean sounding with great dynaics and separation. May not be as detailed and transparent as I remember the PAV/PDSD combo, but way more practical. The AVP2 is a big step up as a preamp. Fantastic sounding, but all of these are pret... 
New monoblocs for Maxx II, which ones
I would keep the 33's. A real dream pair. 
Best bang for buck in HT speakers under $1,500
I have the Revel M12's with a Marantz receiver. Great sound. 
any opinions on the revel sub 30
fantastic sub. Fast and tight. Best sub I have experienced. 
DACs: Airport Express vs waveterminal vs mini-dac
I only see up to 48,000hz on line out. i even tried digital out; no 96000. Any ideas why? 
DACs: Airport Express vs waveterminal vs mini-dac
Hi Steve,How do you upsample on iTunes using a Powerbook? 
Anyone with a high-end home theater sans sub?
What is the best way to test how low the system can go to using an spl meter? 
Anyone with a high-end home theater sans sub?
I don't suppose adding a sub in my small room would even generate clean signals that low beecause the room is too small for those frequencies to form correctly, am I right? That is why in my room; 5 full range 5200's sounds better then when I had ... 
Anyone with a high-end home theater sans sub?
Rex,As John points out about his DSP8000's, I used to have these 8000's in my theatre and swapped them out for what I have now. When you have these speakers; there is NO need for a sub. They are full range. My system now is even more dynamic and b... 
Anyone with a high-end home theater sans sub?
I have a Meridian Reference 800v4 and 861 v4 with 5.0 full range DSP 5200 and there is clearly no need for a sub. It slams and crunches with bass. 
meridian 861 or Theta Cas.III-which is better
I have owned Theta Casablance (Syandard Dacs), Lexicon MC12 V3, AVP, PAV/PDSD and the Gseries 91/68. I also auditioned the Mark levinson 40 in house for 2 days. What do I have now: current versions Meridian 800/861. The absolute best I have owned ... 
Best headphones you've ever heard/used
Shure E3's are truly amazing with the foam inserts. You roll them up and insert, allowing the foam to expand. That acts as noise cancellation and creates great bass extension. 
Better sound quality than the I-pod?
The Shure (ec3?) retailing for around $ 179.00 produce fantastic sound with the foam earplugs. I am an audiophile and am blown away by the sound quality. If you roll up the foam plugs and put it in the ear canal and allow it to expand in your ear;...