Proceed CDP vs. ML

Dear all,

I've just purchased a used Proceed CDP, it has to arrive next week, but I am curious to hear your opinion about it. Now I would like to use it as a cd player, but in the next future my ideas is to add a DAC, in order to use it as cd transport. What do ypu think about my idea???Proceed CDP can be compared to a ML37 as cd transport? Yhanks in advance, ciao from Italy
Wouldnt it be better to hear how the player sounds first before you ask for opinions from others ?

Let's just say that a member chimes in and says that they dont like the player for a certain is their opinion going to be in the back of your mind while you are listening ?

Not everybody's system is the same, so what might not work in one system, might work in another.
I have both a Proceed CDD and ML No. 37, sound very similar in my system. The No. 37 has a bit more refined jitter reduction scheme and a bit better power supply.

I don't know if the Proceed CDP transport and software is the same as the CDD.
Thnaks for both posts, my system actually is: preamp: Klimo Merlin, power amp: Sonus Faber Amator Power, speakers: Sonus Faber Minima; cables: VdH the Jubilee and SCS6.
Anyone knows whether CDD and CDP use the same mechanism?
Thnaks, ciao