Proceed PDT 3 & PDP 3

I have been listening to a Proceed PDT 3 & PDP 3 since I purchased them back in the mid 90's.
What transports/DAC's have proceeded my equipment that are really a big step up/improvement in sound quality?
Is there equipment out there that makes my Proceed equipment sound more analog and less digital?
I am seriously wanting to step up to a better transport and/or DAC if there is a definite audible improvement.
I listen to 2 channel stereo only.
I used the PDT 3 and PDP 3 back in the 90's also. Since then I have made a few changes, but as I look back they were only sideways moves. You might be able to achieve the results you want with a different digital cable.
Blamere, I still use the PDT3. IMO the weaker part of that pair was the PDP3. I've paired it up with a PS Audio PWD Mk.2 and the sound is glorious. If the PDT3 is still working okay and you think you'd like to hold on to it, I think you may be able to find a DAC that would keep it in the house.
When we look back, all of us were told that in every year there was a sonic revolution in digital Playback. We got HDCD, Oversampling, SACD, K2 and so on and the result now is, there are more and more voices who say, that going back to regular 44.1 is probably THE way to go for digital satisfaction.
It is (and was) a endless discussion. When you like what you hear, keep it.
Levinson went from Proceed as its initial offerings in digital playback to "reference" grade components which were extremely expensive and massive
boxes, separating EVERYTHING from everything else inside. finally they used their knowledge to produce the 36/36S/360/360S dacs and the #37 transports, and finally the 39/390S all in one cdp's. these were big improvements in smoothing the signal from cd's, eliminating audible jigger, and keeping the cost under $10K.
i was SO pleased with the 390S that i still have one, and at least on non-SACD discs, i have few complaints. it sounds as good to my ears as a good VPI set-up (such as an ARIES). maybe not as good as an HRX, but i have never made THAT comparison.