Proceed AMP-5 vs Outlaw 7500

Just curious what your opinions are of the Proceed AMP-5 vs the Outlaw 7500. Both are at similar price range used.
AMP-5 apparently has independent power supply for each channel. I don't know much about the 7500.

I know nothing of the Outlaw 7500 so I cannot speak for the sound quality, but I do own the Proceed AMP-5. If I just went by weight, the Proceed is a full 25lbs heavier. Even though it puts out "only" 125 watts (compared to 200 for the 7500), those are the cleanest 125 watts you can ever get.
Check the UltimateAV mag review of the $6750 Theta Dreadnaught II where it compares those two.
Even though it puts out 225w/ch, the Amp5 still compared very favorably.
The Outlaw amps are certainly great value leaders and if you can get one that is still under warranty it may be the way to go. That being said, the Proceed is very well built and has been trouble-free. For sound quality and ability to drive anything to sufficiently loud levels, I'd bet on the Proceed.
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Thanks guys.

It's really a tough one for me. And to make it even more complicated I'm considering the MacIntosh MC206. But it costs like a thousand more. But the Mac name is really enticing. What concerns me is that it has one power supply for all 6 channels! Can you get away with that?
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I suggest to go with the Proceed amp-5.I got two of them and they are great.In case you didn't know they can be bridged for more power.They are very well build and weight 120lbs.I had hard time upacking and lifting in place my first one when I bought it used few months ago.I went with the amp-5 for few reasons sonics,reputation,build quality,value and because my processors are the Proceed PAV/PDSD.The second one I bought from ebay just recently.It is mint and I got a good deal on it but two channels are out and needs repair or I just use the three channels only.Because I had a chance to look at the two power modules up close since the seller include them in a separate package for repair ,I can tell you that build quality is first rate.In my case I will need new transistors for these two modules. Best of lack on whatever you decide.
Don't know about the Amp 5, but I have used an Amp 2 and Amp 3 for well over a decade without incident. A few years ago, I bought another Amp 2 on Audiogon and it too has served without incident. They sound clean with my vintage KEF 104/2s and 102/2s, and the noise floor of my system is low enough to be inaudible when no source is playing. I too use the amps with a Proceed PAV/PDSD combination.

At one time, I tried a penultimate Sony ES receiver for simplification, but it was as though the system deflated, and the spaciousness I was accustomed to was gone. I gave the receiver to a friend.