Proceed Amp 5 or EAD PowerMaster 1000?

I am presently considering purchasing a 5 channel amp and am torn between a Proceed Amp 5 and an EAD PowerMaster 1000. The power difference is 200wpc vs. 125wpc in favor of the PM. Just wondering what experiences y'all have had with either of these products.
Having had both, I would strongly advise the ead. I do not know your speakers, but with both Totem and Revel, I found the Ead to be both smoother, and somewhat better dynamics. Clearly, this is system dependent, but imho the ead is a better amp, and a better value as well. good luck.
I don't know about the amps, but the EAD TheaterMaster Signature sounded way better than the Proceed AVP in my system (B&W Matrix 801 S3, Krell KAV 500). The EAD had a more transparent, airy, dynamic, and musical sound with a slightly recessed presentation relative to the AVP.

If the amps are of the same sonic family I'd definitely pick the EAD!
I own the EAD and think it is a great amp. Take a look a The last time I looked all the Powermaster amps. had a full five stars on all models.

I personally own the PM1000 and absolutely love this amp. I am mainly a 2 channel person but have only one room so have to get the best of both worlds. Am driving a pair of Dynaudio Crafft Monitors and the EAD makes these babies sing. If you can find one, GO FOR IT!!!!

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ