Problems using Western Union Money Orders?

I have just had a terrible experience with using Western Union Money Orders and wanted to know if others have had similar problems. I purchased an item from another member who asked for payment in the form of a money order. Rather than going to the US Post Office, I went to a local Western Union agent at a private Postal store. The buyer, who lives in New York City, could not cash the money orders. He tried several Western Union agents and also Chase Bank. No one would cash them. I believe the bank would only accept them if they were deposited. Both of us called Western Union and were told that Western Union agents were under no obligation to cash Western Union money orders. They could do so at their own discretion, but it was not required. Also, Western Union has no list of those offices that will cash them. You are on your own to call around and see if you can find one.

I am having to have the buyer return the money orders, try to get my money back from Western Union and then send good old US Post Office money orders. This has been a major inconvenience for the buyer, who fortunately has been very patient. I am incurring added expense, delay in the transaction and considerably frustration. I am absolutely amazed at this. I was always under the impression that money orders, especially from a well known entity like Western Union, could be cashed easily.

The obvious solution is to use only US Post Office money orders, which I will certainly do in the future.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Also, do you think Audiogon should add a warning in their discussion about Money Orders? Your input and thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
Sounds weird to me. Is the buyer trying to cash them or deposit them into his account? If deposited, the bank may hold them for awhile until they clear. That way they have recourse if they are forged or fraudulent. Why would he cash them? I have been sent WU money orders in the past, and have no trouble with them.
Pretty much any bank note can be counterfeited these days with current hardware. Money orders would be a breeze. Money orders are considered as "cash" but it's a doggie dog world that we live in. It's in the bank or institutions best interest to be cautious.

I live in Canada and have been issued Western Union as well as USPS money orders that could not be cashed, only deposited and held for 21 business days.

I guess there have been many incidents involving counterfeiting / fraud etc.
I've been using WU money orders as a buyer in my dealings on ebay through many years without ever having a seller complain. In fact, the goods I had won ( lps, r2rs and cd mainly ) were sent generally about a week or ten days after the deal was closed.