Western union money orders iffy ?

reading the fine print on a Western union money order where the purchaser can stop payment on it for a $12 fee I also found out Western Union won't cash their own money orders. My bank holds it until it clears up to 2 weeks sometimes they say. Doesn't sound any better than a personal check to me. Wouldn't send merchandise before one of these clears if I were you. If for example I cash this at a check cashing place they pay me they actually don't know if the money order is valid for a period of time. If it turns out to be not valid or fraudulent what happens? They have your identification etc. they don't contact you to return the funds back to them do they?
This is also true for BANK money orders. You can still place a stop on those. The safest form of payment, other than CASH or Fed Wire transfer, would be a United States Postal Money Order. You can cash them at any US Post Office and know immediately if they are good or not. Also, be careful with Certified Checks, they can be forged. Verify their authenticity with the issuing bank before you ship.
Only postal money orders are safe best to hold the gear till the M/O clears also a bank will deposite a fake M/O in your account when it wont cash you are out of luck .Just be safe and check out the buyer and sellers feedback.JK