Don Gruisin- .....No Borders , Native Land

A friend stopped over for a listening session yesterday and suprised me with these two cds.. Although a little out of my usual musical liking, these are awesome...Great music, GREAT recordings. It once again proved to me to never say I don't like something prior to listening to it....

Get David Grusin Homage to Duke - you will not be disappointed!
Try Dave Grusin's "Discovered Again" and "Mountain Dance" and be you'll smile again at how good the recordings and music are. GRP recordings sound quite good to my ears most of the time.
Don Grusin and Dave Grusin are brothers...two different people. Are they both GRP artists?
Yes, both were on GRP
The "G" in GRP is for Dave Grusin, as in Grusin-Rosen (Larry) Productions. Try to get Don Grusin's "Banana Fish". Great music and sound, will transport you to a tropical island.