Are you an Allison Krause and Union Station fan

FYI, a new album is due for release on 4/12
I LOVE AKUS! I have seen them live several times. They are by far the best "musicians" that I have ever seen. They put on a MARVELOUS concert!! Can't wait for the new album.
Great music and VERY GOOD recordings.Their Live album is amazing recording quality. I've also seen them live and it was top cabin.
I've seen them twice in concert, and love their music. Thanks for the info on the upcoming release!

Love Allison and the band.
Already pre-ordered this one!
I'm stoked as just received notice that they are playing at the Bethlehem Music Fest this August...wish it was a weekend but I'll be there just the same!
You bet! My wife turned me on to them. My favorite song: "The boy who wouldn't hoe corn" off the "New Favorite" release. Brings tears to my eyes nearly every time I listen to it. Haven't figured out why.
I've pre-ordered the new CD as well.
IMHO, Alison & Jerry Douglas are a superhuman 1-2 punch
A long time fan.
Very excited about the new album.
Funny story..
I worked for the Mariposa Folk Festival for a few years.
I was responsible for artists getting to their hotels and to the performance areas.
IAlison the the band pulled up to the hotel in their tour bus.
When they were ready to go to perform, I took one of our vans and they followed me in their bus. I mistakenly hit the alarm on the van keyring and could not for the life of me figure out how to turn it off.
There we are driving through downtown Toronto with the alarm screaming, people turning their heads and Alison and the band behind me.
It was very embarassing but Alison was laughing about it when we got to our destination.
I got to spend a couple of hours with her and Ron Block.
They were amazing people.
I introduced my wife to them as well.
Big Fan here..:0)