Union Square

FYI. This is the third week that I have been to Union Square with my Alesis battery powered PA system, I will be playing my collection of 1960s American garage music from the most accessible to the most punk like the Keggs ( hey, if you have a an unplayed 45 of their demo then it's value is probably $50,000.00 and if you have a copy of ANY 45 by Satan's Chyldren, then you are talking big bucks!!!) As I said a million times this is self referential music and does not have any aesthetic value what so ever only that it " has a good beat and you can dance to it" as Dick Clark would say on American Bandstand. It's not Schubert
but then hey, it ain't the Beatles either! And everybody know what I think of the Beatles.
So if I'm to understand this correctly, you're in Manhattan at Union Square playing 60's garage band music over a pa? If I were there I would snap a photo and toss a quarter in your cap.