Problem with my new Velodyne CT-120

Just picked up the CT-120 from Circuit City and got it working great. The auto-shut of switch was on so after approx 10min of non use I heard a pop and it shut off. I got scared for a second then I remembered that this was normal for Velodyne's. But now I cant get get it to work anymore. I tried turning the power off then back on and no luck. I even turned off the auto-shut feature to on. I checked the obvious connections and all are intact. Do I have a defective unit or am I just missing the obvious? Any help would be greatly appreicated as I was in heaven for about 15 mins and would hate to lug it back to the store.
Check da fuses !
I had a similar problem with my Velodyne. Turned off auto shutoff, turned off power. Unplugged, waited 10 mins, plugged back in and turned power back on, problem solved. Since then, I no longer use auto shutoff. (I just about died when this happened... )