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Need Maggie MG-2C help....
What version of the SMG do you have ? I can help but need to know before I can give you an answer. I have owned over a dozen Maggies of various types. 
Help Choosing Tube Preamp
I have heard both and would definitely take the CJ if tube sound is what you want. The Audio by Van Alstine tube pre-amps either using Dynaco chassis or his own are very competitive in the price range. 
Passive or Active Sub???
If you have an extra channel, try the Hsu passive tube sub for only about 350 dollars. They even have a fre 30 day trial period. What have you got to lose ? 
Bryston or Classe
I have a friend that has Classe and has had nothing but trouble with Classe. He has sent his integrated back 5 yes five times in the last two years. He has had no problems with any of his other components. They claimed to have rebuilt it each time... 
Problem with speaker at higher volumes - answers????
The speaker is being overloaded. In particular if you look at reviews on www.audioreview.com , it is a common problem with the wharfedale diamond 7.1. 
Dahlquist DQ10 Woofer Repair?
DO NOT REPLACE THE WOOFERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It will forever change the sound for the worse. Many mods have been tried with the dalquist speakers but they almost always ruin the sound. Refoaming of the woofers is easy. I have done it many times fo... 
Maggies and subwoofers
Any decent sub will sound good. The trick with the maggies is to run the crossover as low as possible. I run mine at 50 hz with good results. If you run them at 80-100 hz the results are not as good. The problem you run into is in running a dipole... 
Energy Pro-22 Monitors
How much are they asking ? 
How to have great HT and 2-CH Stereo
Your best bet is to buy the amp-pre-amp. Sell your receiver and use the money to buy an out board processor. You will not find a receiver other than maybe one that will cost you more than the seperates that will sound good on music. Believe me I h... 
Problem with my new Velodyne CT-120
Check da fuses ! 
Why is amp toroid humming?
I would say that the manufacturer should take it back for repair. I had an amp that hummed. It drove me crazy. It is not worth the time or trouble. Tell them you want it repaired. 
power-amp for magnepan tympani 1-d
Believe it or not, the amp that I have found that works the best on the maggies of all sorts is the adcom GFA-555. It actually works better than some of the mega buck amps. 
Help Audio Alchemy
The bigger the number the better the dac. The order from lowest to best goes approximately as follows: Dacman,Dac in the box, DDE V 1.0,1.1,2.0,3.0,Pro 
Best speakers for near-field listening?
You will get good sound from the MMG's. I have spendor BC-1 which work fine in nearfield but my magnepans work nearly as well. Plus if you get in a space that is larger, you are set up. One other advantage you have is the 30 day home trial that ma... 
Subwoofer blues
If your budget is limited, I would look into buying a used sub. Many can be bought for less than half of what you want. I know of a Velodyne servo 10 inch that is currently sitting at 222 dollars. It also sounds like you should stick with a sealed...