Problem with maple under headphone amp

I put a piece of random maple (probably hard maple) under an amp and the bass was vastly attinuated as compared to poplar. The mid, ie vocals were awsome. What wood has great deep bass with the wonderful round non peaky , natural sound of at least the maple I used?? Thanks, Tweaker
I don't get that with my setup and if you take a look at my System pics, you'll see that I use a serious amount of maple. However, when I placed my TT on the maple slab that my amp is currently on, I did hear a softening overall, so I changed that.

Have you seen this site, this guy loves Spruce? I don't know about the bass, but if you contact him I'm sure he'll have an opinion about what to try.

The Myrtlewood Gallery
1125 Highway 101
Reedsport, Oregon 97467

They will sell large planks, you can cut and finish...
What is your experiance with myrtlewood. How does it sound compared to your other experiances and my maple com???ments
I went to a local cabinet shop, they had 3'x9' plank about 4 inches thick. $100. God, what a beautiful piece of wood. It makes walnut look like plywood. I had the guy cut large slabs/blocks to put under my units. Another $25. I now have the most beautiful cutting board in my kitchen as an unexpected bonus.

I did this for aesthetics, not sound. My 53 year old ears don't notice any real sound difference, maybe it's my gear and my old ears. But it looks great, and I know that if there is a difference, I've done it top of the line. Looking at it makes my listening experience more enjoyable.
Got a piece of Cocoabolo as a facia for my sand box. A beautiful 2"x3" piece with a blond streak across the bottom. Polished up with bees'wax. It made the rest of my custom made thick maple racks look like bull dookie and now the stands refuse to sound as good as they did before.
Maple always does that
I'm a guitar player as well as an audiophile and music lover. Be careful of spruce.........guitar makers use it on guitar bodies (tops) because of its resonant properties.
Amps are not musical instruments. I'd cautious abut drawing conclusions about what an amp sounds like on a particular wood from how an instrument made of same wood sounds.

Also I would hesitate to draw any general conclusions that amp sitting on any particular material will sound better or even different than before. WHat came before it is probably a factor. There may be others as well. Be careful about jumping to conclusions!
Try Symposium much better,better stage,bass etc.