Problem with EAD Powermaster PM1000

I took delivery of a 240V EAD PM 1000 two months ago and the fuse keeps blowing. I have replaced it 6 times but the problem is persisting. It does not blow when the amp is playing but rather when I switch it on. I have checked the wiring and it is set at 240V which is the voltage here in Singapore.

Please can anybody help?

It sounds like the inrush current at initial turn on is blowing the fuse. You might want to check the type of fuse that's being used. For high inrush current, a slow blow fuse works well but you should check with EAD for proper fuse rating and type.
Slow blow has a thicker element than fast blow type.
Mine is defective out of box also. Good luck contacting anyone willing to help as they have moved to Oregon after being bought out and no longer handle support. Nice of them to update website to that fact.
My Powermaster 1000 was perfect out of the box. Sounds great too. I have owned 4 EAD products overthe years (the PM1000 being the most recent) and have never had a problem with any of them.