monitors for EAD Encore + PM1000

I need help in choosing monitors for EAD Encore and PM1000.
I'd like to upgrade my SF Concertinos. I'm planning to spend up to $1800 on used speakers and thinking about SF Signums since I have SF Solo. Any other ideas?
My room is 7' x 13', well it is a part of my living area I'm trying to use for HT. Speakers are placed along short wall. I'd like to get less place sensitive speakers, than Concertions, if it's possible. My IC and speaker cables are Nordost Red Down.
Any recomendations will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
I forgot to mention I have Sunfire True Sub JR.
I'm listening jazz mostly.
I highly recommend Totem Mani2. I have the same amp preamp and love them, especially in the nearfield. I think you can do them for less than 2k. good luck.