Classe CAV 180 - EAD PM1000 - Pass X5

I am looking at purchasing a new 5-channel amp for music/ HT

Which 5-channel amp is the most musical for 4ohm very efficient speakers (custom Focal (2)8W5411 and an ATD ribbon in MTM config)? Are these 3 amps truly a cut above B&K ref 7250 or Parasound 2205AT?

I am open to suggestions since I live nowhere near a dealer that carries any of these products.
I cannot speak to the Pass, but my EAD 1000 is great with Totem Mani 2's. Great extension and very good bass. I found the switch I made from Adcom to EAD dramatic. I would also add that the totem's are not very efficient. It depends on the speakers, but I found the Classe to be a little weaker on bass. Yes i think they are truly better than Parasound and B&K, even though both of those are very good values. Good luck.
The Pass equipment is tubelike with the hastle of tubes