Replace EAD PM1000 for SLP-05 with..?

I am to setting up 2 ch audio within my HT:
- Integra DTC9.8
- EAD PowerMaster 1000 (I love EAD sound);
- Proac 1.5;
- Proac 1 Tablette 2000;
- Proac CC One center;
- Rel Storm sub.
I am getting tube preamp Cary SLP-05 Saturday (HT bypass).
Do I need to replace PM1000 with something better to open all SLP-05 potential ( I am not ready to upgrade my speakers)? If "Yes":
1. Replace it with another MC amp (Cary Cinema 5,Theta,..?)?
2. Leave it for center and surround, add good SS stereo amp
for mains, and let Audyssey of DTS 9.8 match the sound?
In particular I am thinking about McIntosh MC402.
I am new in 2 ch audio and your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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