Prince/David Bowie catalogues

Let’s start with Bowie... The general consensus is that the remasters from ’99 were underwhelming, to the point some have sought out early 80s RCA copies that have a fair amount of tape hiss, were compiled from 2nd+3rd gen tapes, and now have a premium price. Does the recent 68-73_box rectify this?
Ryko also releases his catalogue in the late 80s to mixed reviews. Now, Prince, to the best of my knowledge, has not been remastered, so the original 80s recordings are pretty much it. What are his best sounding domestic WB cd releases from his Heyday? I have no interest in imports or Lps . Anyone recommend the best copy of Pin ups, Space Oddity, Hunky Dory?
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I own all of the 80's RCA cds on Bowie and they are excellent to my ears.
Additionally, I own all of the Prince catalog on CD. IMO, the best sounding are 1999, Purple Rain, Parade and Sign of the Times.

The very best sounding Purple Rain is the Japan import gold CD.
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One need look no further than the Unofficial Dynamic Range Database with over 86,000 listings to see why many reissues AND recent first issues of CDs, DVDs and downloads don’t measure up to the original issues... i.e., they have had the dynamic range compressed out of them.  As fate would have it overly aggressive dynamic range compression is not limited to Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift records.